Why do things suddenly not work...?

(Edit: Changed image for more detail)

I have a routine that loads and sets options in a menu generated groceries list app.
This routine has been unchanged, save adding some options down the line. This part has been working for months.
I was trying to figure why a simple if not in list then add this thing routine doesn't add the thing, when this error started. The slider throws an error while programatically setting the thumbposition....

(I'm sure the adding routine is a logic error on my part, i just gotta figure that out.)

But what the heck?!? why do I get this error...what does it mean??

It is completely not obvious what you are doing to generate this error!

Start with showing us your relevant blocks, how you have integrated a "slider" to test whether a thing is in a list or not. This might shed some light on your blocks coding and the reason for the error.

I left clicked and hit Do it to get that error. after some investigating, i had accidentally erased part of a routine.dealing with result of the slider thumbposition..false alarm, 30 mins lost to a newbie error...! grr sorry.
i promise to be more mindful henceforth :woozy_face:

two different issues, sorry, was working on one routine when i got the error in something else

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