Why do I keep getting this error unrecognized method. Irritants: (walkKeyPath:error:)


please help asap!

Welcome John.

You are using App Inventor for ios. This could be a bug in the compiler.

What happens if you use an Android device or an emulator? Do you still receive an error then?

Hi steve,
I have not tried using an emulator but does it look like there's anything wrong with my blocks?
ss.aia (205.4 KB)
here's my AIA file to look through
Thank you so much! i'm really in a rush for this please do help

Which version of the companion do you have installed? That block was not implemented in earlier versions but should be available in the latest version from the App Store.

I have the version 2.64.4 installed

This is what I get on my Android 13 :wink:

however unable to search for a location, get an error that url is invalid. At present it gets location from LocationSensor.