Why do I get 'cannot accept the argument' and other error messages

I get a message saying “is a list” component cannot accept the argument " " when I test run my app.
Similar situation arises when I put in the Value if tag not there of the call tinyDB get value component the text “There is nothing to show yet!”
Why is it?

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I have done that for you.

To answer your question, you need to post a copy of your code Blocks showing the Blocks that elicit the error message if you can or all your Blocks if you don’t know which are causing the problems.


Thanks Steve for the reminder to create new topic.
As for the error message I think I have figured out the reason. I have used a variable to copy a list from TinyDB and then test that varible to see if it is a list, which has no value " " or the text string that I put in with spaces. I suppose this is an invalid variable.

Again, thank you Steve.

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