Why can't the screen scroll on android 9.0 and older?

As the topic. After adding a new theme and generating the application on devices with Android 10 and higher, everything works fine, but on older ones you cannot scroll or loaded pages in webviewer or labels with scrolling. I had a similar problem. But I switched to the test server http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/ and it worked fine. But now it suddenly stopped working. Can anybody help?

Are you saying what was working on ai2-test is now not working ?
(note: ai2-test is not really intended for development or production purposes, your should not use it fur such, it is only to test new features for upcoming releases)

I had a problem with the webviewer. It consisted in the fact that it was not possible to scroll pages loaded by webviewer on devices with older Android. And after the advice of one of the people on the forum, I moved to the test server, where the problem disappeared. However, this problem has reappeared recently, but this time on a test server. I know that this is a test server only, but I wanted to fix the problem quickly. Any suggestions? Should I go back to normal AI2 and try to fix the problem here? Or can you specify that the new version of the application is only for devices with Android 10 and above? Pages are added to assets.
I will show you how it work on my old tablet:

How are you scrolling your webviewer/labels? Are you setting the screen to scrollable? Are your labels inside vertical scrolling arrangements? The webviewer will scroll, by itself, as long as it is not inside a scrolling arrangement and other scrolling e.g. screen scrollable is turned off.

Ok, the problem was selecting Scrollable on Screen1 Properties. Thank you!

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