Why can I not delete a screen?

Hello, why can I not delete a screen in my project? Thanks.

How did you operated?

What do you mean?

How do you delete the screen? any error message? what's the browser? OS? any other necessary message?

It just doesn't let me delete the screen.

Do you mean screen1? You can not delete that.

Then how do I change the order of the screens?

What do you mean by order? You can open the screen you want from screen1.

No, so I want screen1 to be screen2.

Sorry, I didn't see the following replies. You cannot delete Screen1; it's like the root of a tree. Without the root, the tree cannot survive.

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So how do I change the order of the screens?

Why instead of changing the order of the screens you simply put a clock on screen1 that switches to screen2 after (for example) 50 milliseconds ?


Next time, plan what you want to do before you develop an app. However, you can use some logic to alter the order.

  • When Screen1 initializes, check the start value of the screen. If the start value is blank (i.e. no data is passed), open Screen2.

  • To go back to Screen1, pass a start value to Screen1 other than a blank text block.


So can you make an example pls? Thanks. No offence, I'm just a noob at these things.

yep give me 5 mins

Okay. Thanks.

Here an .aia very very "basic". It just shows you how changing to screen2 immediately after having launched the application. If 100 ms is too slow, you can reduce at 50 ms or even less (in my opinion not less than 10 ms).
This is only a "trick", the fundamental hint remains what @Gordon said: the next time plan in advance your project. :grinning:
MultiScreens.aia (3.0 KB)
Last but not least: please consider to use "virtual screens" you'll have less problem with variable sharing, timers, and many other features when switching between screens.: there is plenty of examples in the forum.
Here below another example that I made to apply "fading" effects when changing virtual screens (extension used therein, by @shreyash)
provafade.aia (1.4 MB)

Best wishes


Ok thanks.

how to move screen1 to screen2:

move component layout:

on screen1 designer view, click screen1, Press Ctrl C, goto screen2 designer view, press Ctrl V.

move blocks:

use backpack.