Why are my the colors in my RGB Slider like a darker version of the color?

Hey guys! MIT App Inventor newbie here. I just want to know why this happens..
Image here.

I also got the blocks from a website with this tutorial

link to website below.

that slider was supposed to make the color yellow, but failed so yeah.. Thank you to anyone who'll be able to help me with this!

Dear @Antoinne welcome to the Community.
Probably it depends on the min and max value that you have set at design level for the sliders.
Every RGB channel requires a number ranging from 0 (min) to 255 (max).
Have you set those limits ?

EDIT: but if you set a fixed value to the variable "colour", does it work correctly ? i.e. the colour shown is what you want ? Are you working with the companion or do you create an apk, then you load it on a device ?

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Like this:

ColourSlider.aia (2.4 KB)

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It does not work.

Hello Byron

Welcome to the forum. Let's take a look at your code - what, specifically does not work?

Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"

download blocks

...then post the image here:


thanks for trying to help me but I got it.