Why Apps in my phone suddenly close without performing any action?

Hello there,
I have faced an issue with my android. Whenever I open any application in my phone, all the applications are suddenly closed without performing any action. Why it is happened with my phone. Anybody have faced similar problem before? Kindly guide me so that I can resolve my issue. I will be very thankful for your suggestion.
Regards: Maria Cleh.

Welcome Maria.

Perhaps you may have lots of apps installed filling up your Android's System memory.
In your Android's Settings, go to Device maintenance> then check Storage and Memory

Is this your problem? Maybe. Are you talking about your App Inventor apps or any app?

Your Android's battery might be low.


Thank you so much for your guidance and time. I will follow your instructions.
Regards: Maria Cleh

Can you please answer the quesiton above as well?