Why Alert/Dialog in App look different than companion

Why notifier/dialogs in companion looks professional with round corners and clean.

but in build apps it is not rounded, it's rectangular like old design.

Just a sample image attached (only for design reference)

This is because Companion uses the real theme of the device (probably Samsung in your case). However, after compilation it is a standard Android 5+ theme.

Is there anyway to change to latest theme? (eg: Editing manifest file)

Can't replicate this issue on my phone ...

Android version?
(round corners on Android 9, 11, 13, ...)

Android 14. Round corners in my messaging app (so it doesn't seem like a theme problem).

which extension you use to achieve this?

It's Messages by Google, not an App Inventor app ...

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You will need to create your own custom notifier for this. Something like this: