Why 2 label widgets can`t update their values at the same time

I`m making a game that needs to update 2 variables at once, so I used labels during testing to be used as a displayer for the 2 variables I need to update. But when I used it, only 1 update, I don't know what's the issue/bug. The label that didn't update is mntCost. This is my code and all of the referenced functions


Try setting your two labels at the end (inside) of the EFF_saveAllValues procedure?

All of them update, but the mntCost label updates only once

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See the difference?

That's why it is a good idea to init global constant variables for those tag texts, adding _TAG to the variable name, and using the global variables instead of the text blocks.

init global mntCost_TAG 'mntCost'

call TinyDB GetValue(global mntCost_TAG,...)

This also helps with typeblocking.


thanks for the solution, highlight, and an advice to improve my code style!

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