Who could explain the reason of the "When ~ After" in detail?

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I want to know the reason that almost media components have the events as “When ~ After ~” and “When ~ Before ~”.

First I built blocks as the left side of picture and I could hear only the 3rd message.
So I changed it as the right side, and I could hear the 1st, 2nd, 3rd messages, but I couldn’t hear twice.
I think that it surely has a connection between this one and the existence of the events as “When ~ After ~” and “When ~ Before ~”.

Who could explain it in detail?

We have already been down this road with you on the Google groups Forum: HERE

You are trying to use a delay, this will not work!

Why you can’t wait

Use the afterSpeaking event in a loop

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“Why you can’t wait” says that “Sequential execution in App Inventor means that different blocks can never interrupt each other”.
Then there is no way escaping from the for-next-loop by clicking another button while it is operating.
Is it correct?

try this example:

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Here is how to do it without loops or Clocks ,
just lists and events:

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