White color not applied on background color when i select white color on app it becomes dark gray. Also White picture when uploaded it also shows dark gray

Which theme are you using ?

There is a possible work-around, use customize and select a white there (#fffffffe):

However, it's very strange that a white picture is dark grey.

Android Material drop-down is there when anything other than 'Classic' is selected, but on my PC 'Default' shows a white background in the Designer and still shows up white running the Companion.

Have you updated the companion to version 2.66?

Update the Companion

Muhammad, is there another smartphone you could test on? It might be that the phone you are using simply doesn't interpret the chosen Theme correctly.

Another alternative is to try the 'Classic' theme - that should work correctly.

The Designer is not being very helpful here.
Background colors

Not only is it offering several choices that look identical in the Designer, but it also fails to mention the name of the choice that was made (none/default/white/custom).


... also, is it App Inventor's default, the Theme default or the Smartphone default?

In my view, there should not be a default. Also, 'None' which actually means 100% transparent, should look like:


which is the convention for showing a transparency option.


Normal default theme of redmi 9c

this not worked when I use light colors it becomes dark on screen and dark colors like blue, red applied on correctly. When I use cyan on my mobile screen the color becomes black green.

He's asking for the application theme [Classic/Device Default/Black Title Text/Dark]


This problem not solved by changing theme.

Interesting. I was not able to replicate this issue with any theme (Redmi Note 10S).

Does the phone have a dark mode setting that is overriding the app settings?


Thanks problem solved.

What solved it? Turning off dark mode?

yes my mobile was on dark mode by default. When I change it from dark mode to white then problem solved.


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