While running the created .apk file, I cannot communicate with CloudDB,

When I was testing my app in the Developer companion, my app just worked perfectly. But the moment i convert it to .apk and run it on my phone, the app just works perfectly, but the CloudDB service doesn't respond. I made a chatroom, but if i click SEND it just does nothing. How do i fix this? The code clearly works. Do i need to clear any cache?

Here's my blocks:
(Yes, i know, It's very messy)



Thanks for the tip, but can you help? I also couldn't find any solutions on the internet. Is this a common issue?

As previously suggested

  • show your relevant blocks
  • show cloudDB connection information
  • android version
  • where is your cloudDB - MIT or your own

Could it be broken because the large amount of blocks?

Export your .aia file and upload it here.