While ...do and if

It seems that it is not possible to have an if - loop inside a while - loop, why not ??
Any idea how to solve the problem

Thanks in advance.

Don't use the while test, use another if test instead. You may also need to use a clock timer.

It is possible.
But what is your problem?
Also note that you will only see last value on Label.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, but I will show my problem more detailed ...

While without if:

While-Loop -Factor: 10
While-Loop -Factor: 9
While-Loop -Factor: 8
While-Loop -Factor: 1

Output is if ...then / Factor 1 /// why not Factor 10 ???

Why is the while loop running 10 times when without if then but only one time with if then?

Thanks, found the fault ... my app was looped in the while part without end-condition.

You could show your solution to help others....

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