Which is the block that defines any item in the list to be added to another list?

...and what about the columns? ...the user must be able to quickly compare all the perceptions detected for example in the index finger over the course of the day or week.
The table should look on the phone exactly like the one in the file "data examples.pdf".
..is it possible?

Once you have the data for that range extracted from TinyDB into a runtime table (list of lists), you can do SQL-like SELECTion of particular columns and filter by date and time range, using procedures from this sample package:
select_where_equijoin.aia (12.8 KB)

For this question, you are in extension or WebView territory:

Yes, I need to see all the data together divided by columns in a table.
I quickly looked at the links for the creation of charts but I don't see anything there that looks like my table, ...but you know them well, is there something useful to me?
I would avoid using the web viewer, ..the table display should be independent of the internet connection.

...here I send you one of my files where I am doing the tests :slightly_smiling_face: ...in this one I have paste the TableView extension.
Nadi_TableView 01.aia (828.7 KB)

I leave this thread for people who use these extensions.

yes, i know, that's why i haven't sent it to you so far :blush: ... can you recommend anything else?

There are Javascript stunts using the WebViewer that use purely internal data.
No internet access is needed for those.
@Taifun has a good table display sample at his puravidaapps web site.

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ok, great, ...have you a direct link to it?

It's somewhere in here.

If you can find it, I'll add it to my FAQs.

...is this?

You probably want this:

Dynamic table layout with any number of rows and columns including table listpicker


Thanks :slight_smile: ...I already have the Dynamic Table set up in one of my previous files. It was created on screen2 but now I am keeping everything on screen1 and when i tried to move blocks to screen1 the app had completely slowed down. Also I was not able to adapt the blocks to the screen1 well.
Nadi_copia6_withDynTable_MIT.aia (373.1 KB)
So now I have suspended that solution and am intrigued by Abraham's proposal. I'd like to see that table that uses web viewer.

That is what I have linked you to :wink: Did you follow the link ?

Now I looked at it better :slightly_smiling_face: ...Nice!
It works on any device?

(added to FAQ)

oh fine, Abraham, seems this is what you were looking for :slightly_smiling_face:
...could you set it in my file Nadi_03.aia?

It's very pretty and fussy.
I also don't do eye candy.

Well, I'll try to do it.

But first I should fix the "Save" button list. I have tried for a long time but I am not able to fix it.
Do you have any ideas of how to create that list?

See Which is the block that defines any item in the list to be added to another list? - #36 by ABG

for save/restore.

Of course, I read it and tried to apply it. But there it is more about how to organize storage on TinyDB. I didn't find there the solution of how to add the four button lists to the "Save" button list.

Hi Ram, did you find the solution?