Which control-box could replace continue(same in C-Language) for while-for-loop

in C-Language, it has continue for jump to while-for-loop
i am a newbie for APP-INVENTOR, try a few day , now i can not find for this purpose
thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

We can probably give you a better idea if you tell us what you want your App to do. As I had to learn myself, you can’t program in one language if thinking in another. You have to think in App Inventor :grin:

AI2 has a BREAK block in the control blocks.
See its tool tip for details.

If your CONTINUE statement is meant to jump to the bottom of a loop for the next cycle, you could achieve the desired effect by double wrapping your loop, with an extra inner layer that loops just once. A BREAK block would escape the inner loop and hit the bottom of the outer loop.

Examples of single shot loops that BREAK might work on:

  • For n = 1 to 1 by 1
  • For each item in some single item list