Which Browser is best to use MIT App Inventor?

Which Browser is best to use MIT App Inventor?

everything works some suggestion -

  1. firebox ui very bad
  2. chrome a little laggy
  3. maybe edge or opera work for you
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Use only Firefox and Chrome are proven compatible.

I'm not sure where Aarush is experiencing a bad UI on Firefox or lagging on Chrome - I use both and App Inventor works well on both.

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Opera :o:
Advantages are following (from perspective of an AI2 user) :

  • smooth performance
  • faster web surfing and page loading (+ inbuilt VPN and Ad Blocker)
  • you can run multiple programs such as Intellij IDEA and Memu Play (emulator) at the same time and still you will find more than 50% ram is still free (on 4gb ram)

Only issue I have found with Opera is that if you want to sync your phone with laptop then you will have to install Opera on phone which drains more than usual battery.

IE would be happy after reading this :joy:


I use Google Chrome, which seems to be working pretty well

In my experience, the newer version of Firefox outperform Chrome for the blocks editor, especially on large projects. Safari is also a possibility if you are on macOS/iOS, as I have done many demos with split-screen Safari and MIT App Inventor Companion on iPad. IE is not supported at all and your mileage may vary with newer versions of Edge, which is now based on Chromium.


Hi all,
I'm using both Chrome and Brave.
It works fine with both.
Maybe slightly faster Brave when downloading the apk to my PC.
(I forgot to say: DELL Latitude E7270 WIN 10; 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD core i5 vPro)