Which admob extension is outdated 'Jewel's AdMob extension or Oseamiya's AdMob version'?

Hi, I recently found that admob can be added in mit ai2 apps. But, I saw the posts that say 'admob extension is outdated'. But, after contionous search, I saw that there are two admob extensions that are developed by different developers. ie, Jewel's AdMob extension and Oseamiya's AdMob version. Out of these both, which one is working currently? And, is there another admob extension/s that is/are developed by some other developer/s?

You can search in the extensions directory

Just check the corresponding extension threads to find the information you are looking for...


I am trying for more than a hour. Okay, Il continue search and share the news here. Thankyou.

May I know why the following lines are written after some extensions 'Appybuilder community has been closed'. Does it mean that those extensions are dropped by those developers.

I guess, this extension may work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dXiJe0c8aA

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Is there a way to add ads in mit ai2 apps without using extensions?

No, you must have to use any ad extension to use ads into your MIT 2 applications.

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