Where's the programs?

I have used AppInventor for about a year
Several projects stored
After a couple of months I reconnect via the web interface and I find only one project, an example set for testing
Even the trash is empty
Where did all my projects go?
Is there a procedure, on AppInventor server, that periodically deletes everything from your account?

Hello amorosik

Certainly not :slight_smile:

Is it possible that you had another account and that's the one that has all your projects?

Which server did you use?


It could also be but the fact of seeing the messages posted in the forum with the current account makes me think that the current account is correct
I am really confused because most of the projects have been saved but some have not


Is it possible to check if they have been canceled?

They haven't been "cancelled" - they will be on the servers somewhere, the question is where :thinking:

At the risk of being killed for passing too many of these cases on to her, I'm going to assign your Topic to MIT Guru Susan Lane. That's the equivalent of telling Einstein to make the tea.

She will be in touch with you and will need your permission to access your files and of course your email and password. DO NOT put any personal details on the forum. If you have the names of any projects that would be useful for search purposes.

Obviously MIT is in the USA and they are all sleeping at this moment in time so please be patient.

:rofl: :rofl: Only if one of Einstein's titles was Maker of Tea. Account transfers is one of my responsibilities over here.

As Chris said, we have your projects. We're having serious debates about whether it is acceptable to delete projects from accounts that haven't been accessed for 10 years. We keep everything.

Send me a private message with your google account and any other google accounts you might have used with App Inventor. Names and short descriptions of projects that are missing are also a big help.

Alarm returned
Log in with wrong account
Many thanks for your kindness and helpfulness in providing a solution

Well that's good news amorosik.

This is probably a good time to remind everyone that it is very important to backup your Projects regularly on your own computer.

Hold that tea Susan!!

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