Where to publish the apk application

Can anyone advise?
Where you can publish the apk application for free. And free to download?

You can put it in your Google Drive and share the link.


Why not do some research first? It is always good to find the solution yourself rather than just asking others.

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Aptoide is the most recommended



You can upload apps for free!

Well, you can always publish your own website and have your apps published there - I do that. However, you need to prove to the users that your app is safe.

Good idea. Google Drive performs a security scan before you download any files to make sure the file is secure.

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Amazon is also free.

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There are a lot of free app stores.

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But one thing, Google Play store isn't free. Aptoide marks the second - third market share so I recommend it. :slight_smile:

You also have to consider whether a store is safe, not just free. Does it have strong policies?

There is no best or worst app store.

But Google take strict actions for people violating their policies (sometimes they overdo their policies, let's not talk about it here). This

does not decide whether an app store is good.

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It is safe

i mean there is no policy in the store