Where is the internet permission creating app in web app inventor?

i am trying to my apk works offline but only works when activate the internet. but my apk using a local data. how can get to works? there is my aia
face.aia (2.8 MB)

i am opening my apk using apk studio editor but i need the internet permission but my apk dont need internet but i get this in xml

why i need internet if the extension dont need internet?

someone helpme please to my app works offline without internet

Look in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

exist a form to erase a permission internet to my apk not need permission to internet and work offline?

INTERNET is a non-dangerous permission that is granted by default on all Android versions. What would be the point of removing this permission from the Manifest? This would only result in the internet no longer being usable within the app.

because only works the app when you activate internet data. only works with internet. so i am trying to get work offline.

If there is some functionality in your app, which requires internet and you remove internet permission, then obviously your app stops working...

What exactly does not work anymore without internet? Are you able to show us the relevant blocks?

Also which extensions are you using? Are you sure, these still will work without internet access? Check their documentation...


i am using the extension facemesh.aix with webviewer and my blocks are in the 3 first posts. the apk its about dont work the point faces in canvas. but the model dont need internet. some config about the internet permission or network access denied the visualization. so i used the apk editor studio for change that work offline but i dont know what i need modify to work without internet.