Where is iOS Support?

Please tell me when I will be able to get iOS application package of my app from MIT App Inventer. iOS support is the most awaited.

Please clarify when iOS support is coming.

You can see the progress here:
Does App Inventor Run on iOS Yet?

You can now develop with iOS at 95% average (for normal apps)
The server to develop is here:
And for obtein the IPA binary we have only a beta version.
I have the same AIA (ca 9000 blocks) for Android and iOS running well. I had needed a few extra-restrictions in iOS to have the compatibility between Android and iOS.

When I am uploading AIA file of my project made on ai2 app inventer, on ios app inventer it is saying invalid, Any suggestions how to fix it??

A guess. Does your Android aia contain an extension? ios projects cannot use extensions yet (or perhaps never). You did not share with the community you Blocks or aia so all someone can do is speculate.

If future updates, Extensions are not supported in iOS?

That is basically correct. Bluetooth is being added as a component, hopefully soon.
Extensions are not supported in the ios version of App Inventor. There is some
concern that Apple may never approve their use as they are for Android but one never should say never.

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The App Store Review Guidelines are pretty clear that how we do extensions on Android would not be allowed on iOS. In fact, I think Apple has gone so far as to neuter the dynamic code loading functions at runtime (all external libraries must be linked in the binary reviewed by the App Store team). However, we are considering that eventually we could allow for extensions in compiled apps by linking the extension's binary code at compile time. That would be functionality we would have to implement later as I do not want it to hold up the iOS buildserver general release.


Thanks for update, hope that extension will be available anywhere in future version of iOS.

The only major thing I see missing in iOS is listView images and listView horizontal function.

Reply to your question: Does it contains extension?....
It contains, but when I waited patiently, unexpectedly, the Android AIA file was uploaded to iOS server and extensions are all visible with blocks etc. I know it won't be working but still! **
** Further, I would like to appreciate MIT App Inventer Team, hope you will continue to progress like this and achieve even more.


Glad you realize this. The ios version of App Inventor cannot use extensions at all. That is the way ios projects are limited for the moment. There still many things that can be done with Blocks. :smile:

Enjoy using extensions for Android apps but be aware, attempting to use them with ios will result in chaos.

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