Where i find floating action button extension

hello all
why i can not find fab in my mit app pleas help if there any extensions for that

AppInventor does not have a FAB component.
Here you are, extension directory:


the problem i can not find fab extension

I searched the community, and I found this:

The last extension does not exist and cannot be found on Kodular Community.

Here is a link to that one: Floating Action View: Customized Version Of A FAB Extension


Download Link Is Invalid :sweat_smile:
But here is the working AIX - com.atomdeveloper.FloatingActionView.aix (12.2 KB)
I don't have time to update the site as i plan to discontinue extension development but anyone can contact me if they want any of the Free extensions.


thank you very much :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:
but it is not clickable????
i know how it is work now :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Hi, you can use this extension with Mohammed Tamer's component tools extension to detect the touch events on the arrangement or layout.


thank you very much

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Also, this simple and small extension will make any view clickable, touchable and focusable.


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Well, I have a problem with your exo extension, it blocks me all the projects when downloading, nor does telegram respond ... I paid for the extension and now it does not work for me, thank you, I await your answer

@Yorgen_Blanco Extensions are the responsibility of the developer. Most are third party creations. Sorry you are having issues. You need to contact @Atom_Developer directly to resolve your issue. (perhaps see post #4 ).

Telegram no longer responds in the kodular community is no longer