Where I can find SENDMESSAGE ,?

I need send SMS and i cant find where conponent SENDMESSAGE

Welcome to the community. Component is called texting. You can find it in Social Category

Or search components in Palette

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Please also read the documentation (especially about Send_Message and Send_Message_Direct)


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Please tell me how to make an SMS sent immediately after clicking on the button in my application, and then I now require that I confirm its sending from the standard application of my phone by sending SMS

Use texting component for sharing sms

There is no after message send event you can use in the provided component. You may want to look through this extensive extensions list to see if there is anything there that can help you:

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You could try sending the message to yourself as well as the person you want to send it to, and when you receive it, you can use the When Texting1.GetMessage Event to verify and update a component on the editor.

You can do that using Texting1.SendMessageDirect, which will send the message without opening your default Messaging app.