Where does GenyMotion store files?

Where on my hard drive can I find the file saved in my app?

As I'm using Genymotion, companion via usb is full screen on the avd and I cant access the file manager without stopping the AVD, or at least to my knowledge

I want to open the text file saved by my app so I can verify the contents

If you are running an app in companion on Genymotion, and you are saving files to the ASD, the files will be in:


how/why are you running Genymotion via USB on the AVD ?

Why not just run Genymotion as a virtual machine from the genymotion console, and set it to the same network. This is a much better experience.

im not a professional lol I literally tried options (based on forum findings and FAQ) until it worked

I will explore what you just said now. it has been fairly quick and responsive, does not disconnect.

I understand the Genymotion console. im noit sure about the last two options but im going to look

i didnt connect to wifi so i never got a connection. i didn't see that in any of the faq

On the Genymotion console, select a device, select edit, scroll down and set network mode to bridge


Then run the device

When you start companion, you should see an IP address on your network, you can then connect "wirelessly" to your app.

back to my initial question while thats restarting

can i see my files in my PC hard drive, too i dont have to go through the emulator?

I assume since the VD resides somewhere on my hard drive that i might be able to access them through my file explorer fairly easily if i know where to look. honestly i just couldnt get the app running in the emulator to exit full screen so that i could find the file manager in emulator :-/

rebooted and connect, FAST
is there a way to make legacy connection checked by default?

which I did answer :wink:

It used to be possible before Android 10, you could setup a shared folder between the virtual machine and your PC. Not now.

You should be able to read text files using the file manager in the virtual machine

I made a simple app that would send and receive files from the local server on my PC (given that all apps on companion share the same ASD)

Only by getting, editing and compiling a new companion app.

i got connected with wifi and code. TY for that.
I see my text file in VM. TY for that also!

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