WHERE Do You write an Aix file

Where Do You Write An .aix File?

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What is the question?

How do you write an aix or where do you write an aix ?

Explain what you are trying to achieve....


Hi @Pear,

.aix file is an extension of the App Inventor same as other software's extension this will extends the functionality of the App Inventor.
.aix file contains the source code of an extension which is generally written in java programming language.
You can write this java code anywhere by using notepad, or any other IDE, but it follows a particular structure you should follow this while writing the code.
After then you need to compile this source file using App Inventor source or any other online platform like appybuilder code editor after compilation it will converted to .aix file and it is ready to use.

I hope you understand, extension development it self is a big topic I tried my best to ans your question.



You can create aix files in ide.niotron.com

You can create extensions (aix) using the following IDEs -

Recommended (Offline) :

  1. Rush by @shreyash
  2. AppInventor Extension Template

Recommended (Online) :

Not Recommended (Online) :
https://editor.appybuilder.com/ (Doesn't exists now)


The Question is where

but you are not going to give away anything more than that? You may have a long wait for an answer....


I write the java CODE using Eclipse, and compile /pack them up into an aix using RUSH.

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That was the answer to your question. You can use editors like Visual Studio or even Google Docs to write your extension, but you will not get an AIX file. Use the IDEs Aquib mentioned to build the AIX file.


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