Where are my uploaded image files stored when I run on a local server?

Good Day!

I run appinventor2 on my local win10 machine, and I can see file infomation at http://localhost:8888/_ah/admin/datastore?kind=FileData,

But where are the files actually stored, Can anyone solve my doubts?

There’s no Google Cloud Storage browser for local servers (whereas there is for Datastore as you can see).
However, you can make two tricks:

  • Going to localhost/_ah/gcs/bucket_name/id_name should download the file
  • Create your own browser using GCS API pointing to your local endpoint

Do you mean the uploaded files are stored in local Datastore? I see the db file named local_db.bin at
path \appinventor\appengine\build\war\WEB-INF\appengine-generated, but the filesize only have 23KB, and I uploaded images files are more than 10MB. So I think the files are not actually stored in Datastore, it only saved the basic information of the file. Is it right?

local_db.bin is just the datastore content. I don’t know specifically for Windows what happens, but for macOS GCS files are stored in files prefixed with encoded_gs_key:. The portion after the prefix is a base64 encoded filename, which for a reason I don’t quite understand is truncated to either 54 or 123 characters (in my test cases, anyway).