WhenButtonClickedThen doesnt response

So I have a Button and in the blocks I have used "when Button click then" but when I click it nothing happens


can you show your relevant blocks and explain what are you trying to achieve?

That is the block but when I press the button, nothing resets.

Well, you are setting some variables to those "default" values, but if you want to display those values is labels or similar, you need to set the labels (or whatever) to the variables in the button.Click event.

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It is a Roulettegame and that should reset the points, when you have none. Then the gambling should work again.

When you click on that button, then those variables take those values....What else do you expect to happen when you click the button?

Well the slider doesn't reset to 100

You are changing the values of the variables....if you want to set the slider to the same value than a variable, then you need to set it also in the Click event.

Oh I realize I am dumb, sorry for wasting your time :frowning:

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Eh. We've all made that mistake at some point or another.

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