"When Screen Orientation Change" does not recognize the first Change!


i have problems with the Block “When Screen Orientation Change”. This script does not work in the estitmated way and then the following “Bug” appears:

My Script:
when"Screen1".ScreenOrientationChanged (then)
do Set “TextBox1”.Text to Screen1.width

my screen is 1280high to 800width!
My expectation is: if i tilt the screen to horizontal it should set the TextBox1.Text to 1280. But in the Textbox 1 the text “800” appears. If i change it back to vertical the textbox changes to 1280.

For me thats not logical… because it seems to me, that first the apps “notices” the width, afterwards he changes the orientation and then he sets the TextBox1 to the widthvalue before the change of the orientation.

for me thats a bug, which is not wanted. Off course i could just change the Screen1.width to Screen1.hight and it would work for me, but i am afraid that this is a bug, which is corrected in some weeks and then my app is not working correctly and i have no clue whats happening.
I need a correct recognation for an responsive text design.


use a timer, something like this:



It may not seem to be correct for every device since some devices are wider than they are high and others are higher than they are wide. So though size is reported in terms of height and width, that may not be in relation to orientation.

No i have a new problem. The first tilt is not recognized… this funktion still mixes up hight and width!
Heye is my code and a video as proove!

Screencapture on Youtube!

Sorry i am really confused…

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