When is a list not a list...?

why can you not copy, query, ask anything of an empty list without throwing an error? it just tells me that there is nothing, when I know there is nothing in the list!!

Even I create an empty list, not just declare it.
For example; myListName->make a list->create empty list
>create empty list
> create empty list
> create empty list
(Here I attempt to copy contents of one of the empty list to a list for manipulation, and get an error, if the list is empty.)

If I attempt to get information (including [copy], [replace], [insert], [is list empty], [length of list] etc) it throws an error instead of telling me the list is empty (return a value of 0)

Show your relevant blocks, sounds like something is wrong somewhere

![image|349x500, 100%]

Without the If... blocks, an error is thrown

Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: []
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Not too sure what you are trying to achieve?

You do not show the content of "global $ active name" ?

Selecting an index from a list of empty lists will return an empty list....


is the active list name...
... which contains;

These lists are all declared as per usual. @_1_item holds the items of a list. @_2_basket holds the list items that transfer from 1 to 2 as the user is cruising through the shop aisles. Favourites are items that make the list nth amount of times. History is a history of items, dates etc as purchased, and Info is information about the active list, type of list, date of creation, owner, item count etc.
During manipulation of the active list, the @_1 : @5 lists are manipulated, and then saved thusly...

I know it's a little roundabout... but it works... or did, until I started to replace values in an empty list...
I suppose my issue is that the list needs to be completely filled before it's editable, no?

You will need to make a separate list of list names (as strings/text), then use these to set tags, and recall specific lists.

Do I not have already a list of list names with the @_1: @_5 series?

You have a list of lists there :wink:

list of list NAMES...

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