When if RFID chip has corrupted

Im using Ntag216 to save some texts(R/W)
so im using "NearField component" of basic components

as i know, the component can read only "when tag type is text".
if trying to read it or write it without any data in, app is ignored (almost 'passed')

so problem here.
when if im trying to tag off before saving data completely, this action make the chip's data to corrupted. and chip will recover like formet itself. then it will be lost type. (bcz no data in the chip...)

i saw many users using my app like it is Innovation of future science..
they are tag off in a half second and make it corrupted.
so my plan is "can make it recover with re-write. at least."
can i record just text to empty rfid tags? with the basic component? extension also ok but not like as "Use nfc tools!"

can i??? :upside_down_face:

Why not have a graphic or count down to make the User keep the device in position until data save is complete?

Unfortunaly, I made notice the caution TWICE befor tag timing with "agree" button.and most of user ignored again that caution. bcz they are not perceiving the wrong action to really dangerous to chip. even if i told them "DONT!! PLZ!!"

for example, ppl are joining random simple site with some terms but most of them are not read whole terms. bcz thinking it just 'meh another agree button'.
same with it, i asked to users who destroied the chips "why? the app asked you plz dont do like that" and they always answered "what?? i never seen that notice!"

And in the end they curse and blame me as a noob nfc technician.(???)
this is reality... :cry:

and theres no count down func in default component.
To be more specific, if i want to set the count, i need start/end reading timing. and this accidents are occured from 'they didnt recognize they have to keep tagging'. this mean, they may be tag off before see the count.

Hi Mok

Before starting the NearField process, start a progress dialog (See Notifier Blocks). When the process ends, Stop the progress dialog and maybe display an "all done" Notifier (Show Message Dialog).

Hi Chris!

ofc i made the whole processes that can make notice to user.

fill data -> click [done] button -> can see caution window twice and have to select "i got it" -> a new screen to waiting tag on (with a sentence "DONT PUT BACK BEFORE THIS SCREEN DISAPPEARED") -> if successed to write completely, screen will go back the previous screen.

this is progress
and phones also notice start/end with sound, vibe.

whatever, any way to noticing the [you must keep put on til complete] can not help to them. bcz they dont read it. :thinking:
i need fundamental way about nfc(e.g-prevent not to broken with the action) or make phone beat them if they trying to break the chip.

:joy: Play a sound shouting "you broke the chip, you broke the chip"

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