When I Open a Screen after I closed, my app crashes

I'm making a wolf extermination game. But while transitioning from Screen1 to GameScreen, the app shuts down without any notice. Interestingly, it only turns off during live testing, and doesn't turn off when running after build. (However, the wolves slow down a lot.) Also, there is no problem when switching from Screen1 to GameScreen for the first time. Dies on GameScreen, go to Screen1 and go to GameScreen, the app crashes. save me from this hell

zebal_copy.aia (2.6 MB)

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Thanks, but I mistake to translate Korean to English. That variable have to chage "get start value"

This is the all_translated English version. I still have same situaition...γ… γ… 
zebal_copy (1).aia (2.6 MB)

resize the images to a smaller size, specially the image for the wolf and sheep and background. then try again.

Hello μ •ν•œ κΉ€

To prevent a similar issue when closing Screen 'GameScreen', disable all clock timers first.

Thanks a lot!! It clearly solved. And Thanks @Anke , @Kevinkun yours tip really appropriate my project!

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