When I import extension I get error

I was trying to import a speech recognizer extension to detect multiple language speech and I couldn't because of error 412. Can someone tell me what is error 412?

Which extension ? (provide link to developer page)
Show screenshot of full error

If it is an App Inventor Error Code, it means:
Could not decode element %s as an integer.

If it is an HTTP Status Code, it means:
Precondition Failed

App Inventor and HTTP Error Codes:

Here's the link to the extension,


I couldn't take screenshot because It is a pop up which lasts for 1 second and similar error pop up to cannot upload to gallery, both of these pop ups are popping up for 1 second

And the error is cannot import extensions due to error code 412

I have tested the aix in a new project and also the provided test aia project from the extensions page. Both open up in AI2 without error, and able to load the extension.

Try downloading the extension again.
Test the example aia project provided

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That's a JS Alert which needs to be manually dismissed.

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no it appears for 1 second and then dissapears

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