When I create app in appcreator24, i don't need to download & install app over & over again when I change the webview url. Can I do the same in app inventer? Explained the question below

Hi, I wish to create an app in which I will update the webview url always. When users installed my app once they have to view different url each time whenever I update. That means they don't need to redownload and reupload the app to see the new url update.

I can do this easily in appcreator24, but I don't know to do the same in mit app inventer. Help me. Thankyou.

You can save the url on web, like in Tinywebdb/Redis/Firebase.
In Screen1.Intialized, get the url, then WebViewer.gotoUrl.

Okay. Let me google Tiny Web DB | Databases in MIT App Inventor | Tutorial 6 | By Krishna Raghavendran - YouTube . Thankyou.

can you explain me bit more. if possible plz. share the screenshots step by step.

  1. Click on Screen1 (I understood), 2) Initialize ((I understood), 3) get the url ((I don't understand any thing from here), ..... can you please explain in a child's language. Thankyou very much.