When get web1 got this error

hi anyone coders, may i know why i got this error
when i use this block
thanks in advance

and this result

what should i do..

That's not an error, that is the response of the website when you do a GET request.

oh, what must i do buddy?

What do you want to achieve?

I want to get the value...it should be 00 but I found that...it wasn't like that before

You probably cannot bypass it, the website is blocking you from doing such requests.

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You should always verify with the website owners that you are allowed to get information from their website.

oh i see

oh ..I've found this for 2 days..it looks like an error resulting from get web1..is this message from the server? because the result in the browser is 00...but if I use companion or apk the result is like the picture above

ok i try contact server for this...really thanks for reply buddy

OT: I am 57 years old. I was called a lot of names over the years but never buddy. :rofl:

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haha...sorry buddy :grin:

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