When checkbox is ticked, the image will appear in another screen

Hello, i'm kinda new here and this is for my school assignment but i'm wondering on how I can execute this properly?
When this checkboxes are ticked it'll appear on the meal plate screen, how do i do that?

If you are using different real screens then you can pass he info with start value or storing it in tinyDB. You ca create a list with the Checked property of each checkBox and, in the new screen, display the images depending on the values,

Hello ! Do you mind showing me the code blocks for it?

How about you try it and if you get stuck on something, ask again?

Hello, Is this what your looking for? because i'm extremely clueless if i'm being honest.. I just saw this in a community thread an hour ago.strong text

With something like this you can pass the info of each checkBox, with its text (to identify the textBox) and the Checked property (to indicate if it is checked or not).

Then in the new screen, you have to take the "start value" and check which checkBox is checked to display the image:

All right noted ! I'll try to figure out the code block for the new screen, then i'll come back here if i get stuck on something

Do i need to do something similarly to this in getting the info from the other screen or no?

this is what i came up with it doesnt work LOL, help pls

This is based on the Text of the textBoxes in my example are "Text for CheckBox1", "Text for CheckBox2"...so, checking if the Text of the chekcBox contains 1,2,3 or 4 I know what checkBox is, then I check if it was checked or not.. If your checkBoxes have other texts, then you will need to modify that comparation a little.

Other choice is to store the checkbox.Checked of each component in a specific order in the list so, in the next screen you know by the position the value of each textBox. This way you save having to pass the text in each textbox and the comparison on the next screen.

Are you sure check boxes are appropriate to a restaurant menu?

Have you learned about lists and listviews yet?

Is this a take out order for multiple people?

Why go with multiple dishes allowed but only one of them?

Search this board for the Fruit Stand sample app.

It's a meal planner.. and it's only for a school assignment..

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