When an instant isn't an instant

In the yellow box, made from right clicking and selecting [Do it] from occurring context menu, is displayed what I have saved in a two element list. I thought this might be an 'Instant" in reference to date and time calculations. Am I incorrect in this supposition?

If I am incorrect, then what does an "Instant" look like? And in this example, why can the FormatDate block not accept the data?

An instant does look like that, but you can't save it to a list (or to a tinydb tag), because it is a special AI2 object.

Convert the instant to your desired date/time format (which will be a string) then save that instead.

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Thanks Tim. I shall do that.

or save the time stamp, it is a long number, easy to store, and easy to convert to any date/time format.

Can you elaborate on that for me please, Kevin?

I have a list of favourite grocery items that are timed by date to reappear in the grocery list automatically. Accuracy is to the day, no time involved.



is the time in milliseconds. You can use this with clock blocks to get date/time.