When a vertical arrangement goes invisible and then visible again, it messes up the sizing

Hi, when I used a button to make a vertical arrangement invisible and then another button made it visible, the sizing of all the objects inside of the vertical arrangement got messed up (It looks like they were all set to default or something). Can someone help? :sob:

Provide your example aia project that demonstrates this behaviour.

as requested, please provide the above. A video is very interesting but does not help anyone identify the cause.

Please provide us an .aia file to debug.

Here are steps to obtain .aia file and upload.

  1. Export .aia file from app inventor 2
  2. Upload file from community editor

    2.1 Pick file from Windows

    Then post it as a reply or edit your problem.

*EDIT: Looks like you're using an iOS device to test your app, have you tried to test the app on an Android device?(AI2 Companion or compile an .apk and install.)

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