What's going on with my numbersonly textbox?

I have two textboxes preset to numbersonly, these boxes are inside a horizontalarrangement that is preset to invisible.

  1. When a condition satifies, it turns the horizontalarrangement visible. When typing in the boxes, number keyboard pops up, after typing any number, NOTHING SHOWS UP in the box.
  2. But if i do not hide the verticalarrangement at the beginning, typing number in the boxes is fine.
  3. I played around and found that, when numbers do not show in the boxes, the only thing shows up when typing with the number keyboard is a single decimal point (not even the comma).
  4. It shows only one decimal point even if i type multiple times on the decimal point key.
  5. strangely, when i try to replicate this problem in a new screen (with just the horizontalarrangement part), i cannot reproduce the problem.
  6. if i do not preset the boxes as numbersonly, even when the horizontalarrangement is preset to invisible, the text/number keyboad types fine in the boxes.
    What do these symptoms suggest? Thanks

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