What's a New user of the month badge and why is it given?

I have received a new user of the month badge and I am not sure why did I receive it because I am not that active in the forum.

What is a New User of the Month Badge?

:large_orange_diamond: New User of the Month is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked :heart:, and by whom.

Why did you got it?

This is probably because you where the most liked user who joined the previous calendar month.
You got 3 :heart:s, 1 each by @Kumaraswamy, @jana and @jj_lopez.
Out of these @Kumaraswamy is an active member of the forum.


The System automatically awards badges, I don't know the criteria or how it is set. The forum is based on the Discus System, so if you are really curious you can probably find out on their website.

You mean Discourse?

... that could be the one! :joy:

the Discus system ranks you on how far you can fling your tablet after reading a post.

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The children at my school were good at that, only problem was they had excellent aim, and the discus was usually targeted at me!

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