Whatever I input in Text property, this happens

After 3 days of hardwork, I am back to the AI2 world! :slight_smile:

But while creating an app, when I added a label, and tried to change the text and pressed the enter key. The text is supposed to update. But when I click outside the component, then it updates, which is not supposed to happen! Can you please help me with this??

Post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help

I am not using any blocks, I just created the app.

It is happening in the designer

Post then a screenshot of designer that shows your problem

I do not know. But sometimes the bug is taking action and sometimes not. Especially when I refresh the webpage. So I am having trouble to take the screenshot :frowning:

Maybe it is caused by bad network connection and takes time to show the changes. Could not replicate it, immediately after pressing enter changes are shown in designer view

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Oh, I see. Thanks for helping me :smiley:

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