What went wrong.. why can't write to google sheet

I have a small app to read gps locaiton and write it to google sheet, It took from me a quit time to figure it but not yet
could someone give hand on it1 2

Did any error message appear?

I'm no Java/JS expert, but maybe it's because you're using ++row instead of row++ in line 16; both of them are fundamentally different.

Hello Muk

Go to TimAI2's website, all you need to know is found there:

  • assuming that your script is bound to a spreadsheet, you do not need to set the spreadsheet ID or the sheet name in your url parameters, because these are automatically set by the script
  • in your sheet url parameters, you send Lat, Long and Location all with an upper case L, in your script you are looking for parameters with a lowercase l - e.g. e.parameter.lat. You need to adjust these to match.

Also, you might find this easier to use....

thanks alot for support and help.

thanks alot for support and help.

thanks alot for

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