What type of values does TinyDB allow?

Im newbie and im making an app what type of values does tinydb allow pls help

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TinyDB allows strings image , booleans image , numbers image , lists image and dictionaries image as both the tag and valueToStore in StoreValue().


thank you for replying! its so fast

Also, next time remember to check the documentation (http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/reference/components/storage.html#TinyDB).


Lists and dictionaries as the tag too?
That's news to me.

P.S. I double checked your doc link, and found

Data items consist of tags and values. To store a data item, you specify the tag it should be stored under. The tag must be a text block, giving the data a name. Subsequently, you can retrieve the data that was stored under a given tag.


the tag can accept any type of data, but it will be casted to string automatically.

and the value can be a Component (last block of Component drawer), but it only can be retrieved at runtime, and can not 'trans-screens'.


This can open up interesting possibilities, for mischief and for good.


I tried, it worked.

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