What type of data from User collects and app by default, example an app that only plays audio and shows images?

Hi everyone, I am making my own privacy policy in order to comply it with the new playstore´s regulations.
My app is a very simple one, only plays audio and show images but it is programmed to get users clock time and date but internally I understand that just by downloading an app from playstore, it will get user´s IP address,User´s mobile number, user´s model of mobile and some other data like cookies.
It is very important to know what type of information do we collect from app´s users in order to inform them about our privacy policy.

Thank you very much indeed

Hello Javier

Google Play should reveal the specific data collected by your App where necessary.

Your Privacy Policy should have a general, non item specific description of what you the developer-seller do with your customer's personal information collected. If Google are your Merchant of Record (limited range of countries), then they must also have a Privacy Policy and your PP must additionally refer your customers to it.

If you do a Google Search, you will find a number of online Privacy Policy makers, and similar for your Terms and Conditions, also a good idea.

You can see my Privacy Policy here:

Thank you very much indeed Chris:
Your information is really a master class for me, I can see there are lots of points to consider. I have to be sure that all legal aspects must be covered in order to have a good legal shield.