What means: "Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!"?

Hi! I'm trying to finish my project but this messages came up every time i try to build the QR code. Some help pls? It's kinda urgent cause is a collage homework. Thanks!

The build server is currently experiencing slow builds. Usually this clears in a few minutes. You can try again later when the server is less busy.

Also you can try using the server at code.appinventor.mit.edu , which runs on Amazon Web Services.
You will have to import your aia.

Thanks mate. How can I import th aia? I'm a firsttimer and I'm not pretty sure about this things :confused:


To upload to the Amazon server; Import project (aia) from my computer...

Amazon server is also slow right now but better performance than main MIT server.

A shot in the dark possibility, did you change the default Project icon to a Custom icon? You might get a build if you revert to the default (a common error is attaching an incorrect png file size).

Thanks a looooot! This is so helpfull. Bless and regards!

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