What map used in APP now? is it OK to use a downloaded map and works offline?

Hi everyone.
I am looking for a GPS tracker that be able to show path on a (phone) map without Internet, please help with any clues.

You have two and one half options as far as I am aware:

  • AI2 Flat Map Tutorial. Use a Canvas to make a map and spot your location.

  • Use a Map component and make your tracker. Map caches map tiles for areas previous loaded using WIFI. See Offline osm Map - #2 by SteveJG.
    Works something like this

    . Using cached tiles, you can have limited map coverage, even when you do not have WIFI or data coverage. :astonished:

  • Use the LocationSensor. The gps hardware does not need an internet to determine your location. Save a list of coordinates to a List and save in a TinyDb. Recall the list and post your previous locations .. When you get home and access to WIFI post those locations using a LineString and Map and you can see the track of where you have been

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I'll check it.
Happy new year!

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