What is wrong with this code (to build a calculator)?

it is a multi-operation calculator

Can you explain with more details what error do you have?

Taking a look above, I strongly recommend that you explore the possibility of using procedures.

It can do 1 operation only

what is hidden there?

share your aia

Pour gagner du temps, vous pouvez également utiliser l'extension de calculatrice de @rasitech :


calculator.aia (15.5 KB)

Here take it

Well, there is an error in the condition..If I try to do "2+3+4" then look what happens:

It doesn't enter to that logic.

Other things you have wrong are these:

It would be something like this:

A modified aia with those errors corrected (and some more). I have also included the procedures I was talking about.
calculator_mod1.aia (9.7 KB)

Thanks brother :slightly_smiling_face:

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