What is this error code and how to fix? Error from Companion: error: unrecognized method. (irritants: setHintColor)

I am trying to work with my students on an app they created but when we try to use AI companion to connect with our iphone, we keep getting this error:
'Error from Companion: error: unrecognized method. (irritants: setHintColor)'

What is that error and where should I look to fix it?

This property (HintColor) is defined on the TextBox, PasswordTextBox, and EmailPicker components. I believe it's implemented in the beta version on TestFlight but not in the version available on the App Store. Your students will need to change the property back to Default so that it won't be sent to the companion, which should stop the error from occurring.

How about posting a test app (or at least the blocks) so we know what exactly it's about?