What is the reason for webview existence?

what is the reason for webview existence?

The control is documented here>


and discussed here> http://www.appinventor.org/bookChapters/chapter24.pdf

I already know what the web view is but I noticed that in this topic all aia files have a web view component in addition to a face recognition extension ,
my question is what role do web view components play in all aia files?

They are for viewing, since they are a display component in addition to a component for requesting data from the Web.

In contrast to the Web Viewer, the Web component does not appear on the Screen.

I mean in the Topic of face recognition all aia files have web view but I want to know the reason of their existence you can check the topic above and thanks for answering


It works with the code in the extension.

ok, I understand it and thank you very much to make it clear for me
and I congratulate you on this extension

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