How do you make iOS apps using MIT app inventor?

I read a blog where we can make ios app using MIT app inventor. But couldn't find a link to the portal.

You can not 'make' a compiled app yet.

The MIT App Inventor Companion app for iOS is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.

Users can use the Companion to live develop on your iOS device. Be aware, it is not yet possible to Build the executable yet. You can only use the interpreter of the iOS until MIT finishes testing the iOS compiler.

Use the iOS Companion and create an 'app' just like you would using the Android Companion (you can use the same Project). Be aware, developers can not use extensions with iOS.


It is fantastic this is becoming possible, but I tried it yesterday with Companion and it was looking very incomplete.

The App works just find on Android. The main screen has a picture as the background.

On iOS companion this was just red.

Buttons were not rendered, only appearing with their text.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to be able to make my convenience app available to some of my pals who are "Apple-heads".

Correction to the above: For some unknown reason I was setting background to Red. Once I got rid of that block, an image appeared - though it doesn't seem to be the image I used in my app!

Next issue, how to get ListView to work...

Thought I'd updated this. In case anyone looks into it, the red background was due to me setting it.

So one less concern.

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Hi there,

Do you have a date for the iOS builder ?