What is refresh companion screen

Hi all,
I wonder why there is no other asking or writing on this issue. my search gave 0 results! look on the screenshot.
What is it? I have often the case that the connection got lost. I thought, that might be a help to reestablish. But in case of connection lost it is not activated.

I hope the picture is visible. No button to add a picture.

2nd question. Why does help allways opens such a screen without Menus or navigating bar?


You mean this?:


It enables you to refresh the companion screen from the blocks editor (or designer) - useful for when you make changes to blocks only that will impact on functionality. This saves having to make a change in the designer screen somewhere to refresh the companion.

Which help? in the forum or AI2 ?

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It’s the AI2 Help - it’s displayed as a stand-alone page - so you can’t go back to a previous help page, there is no navigation. It’s probably designed like that to reduce the number of out-of-date links.

ok, stand-alone page. New word for me. Thanks Chris.
But the reason for me is not reasonable. :smiley: and not useful :unamused:
But there is a reason and not a mistake of the user of my computer. :roll_eyes:

in fact the refresh screen does not really work or I understood wrong.
Again my companion stops working and refresh companion screen is not active. No connection lost signaled. Just only stopping. The companion itself goes on working, but no command from AI2 controll page is executed.
And that happens about every 15 minutes.
when I click AI companion again the refresh companion Screen is active. but no effect on the companion.


Is this after leaving it for one hour ? MIT sign you out after this time. If not, you need to show a repeatable example of what happens to you. I have not experienced any issues with the Refresh Companion Screen option so far....

î could understand a timeout, but it also happens when i work with the AI.

I would like to have a repeatable exemple, but I could not find any regularity on it, No reason visible,why it happens.
I am located in Germany, could it be a reason of distance timeout? Normaly the connection here should be good.